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Find out your level and select the type of lesson that fits you best!


Learning to Play

You will learn everything from the grip, serve, return of serve and net play to court movement. Fun games & drills will teach you how to score, and you will walk away ready to step on to any pickleball court playing games with confidence.


3.0 - 3.5 Level players

Cheryl will help you stop making the same mistakes over and over and help improve your game. She will teach you to move away from the banger ball game and implement more strategy and finesse to your play. She will teach strategy, positioning on the court and shot making


3.5 -4.0 Level players

Cheryl will develop your skills with drills and put them to the test during game play with instant feed back and analysis. She will work on 3rd shot drops, reset shots, fast hands at the net and aggressive play. You will improve team communication and consistency in shot making. Tournament preparation or high level drilling with the 4.0 players is also something Cheryl can do.


Cheryl offers various types of lessons. Choose what is right for you!

Private or Semi-Private Lessons

Cheryl recommends a one hour lesson with one person and a 1 1/2 hour lesson with two people. Paddletek demonstration paddles available to try and new paddles available to purchase on site.

Private lesson $120 / 1h

Semi-Private lesson $70 per person / 1h

Prices exclude the cost of court rental



Cheryl recommends a 2 hour lesson with four players  and a 1 1/2 hour lesson for three players. Paddletek demonstration paddles available to try and new paddles available to purchase on site.

3 players $47 per person / 1h

4 players $35 per person / 1h

Additional players $35 / 1h

Prices exclude the cost of court rental


Cheryl will plan a group lesson for up to 48 people and bring in other high level coaches to help her. She can run a mini-tournament or design the time available to suit the wish list of the organizer. She has 34 demo paddles and 4 portable nets for these type of lessons.

Contact Cheryl for details

"Cheryl is a very passionate and engaged coach. Our sessions with her are productive, focused, and fun simultaneously. Every drill is set up into a game format, making it more exciting and realistic. I like how she is very giving, and her sessions are filled with tips, drills and strategies."

Corinne Susini, Whistler BC


Prior to retiring at age 40, Cheryl ran a highly successful RESP sales and marketing agency.  She hired, trained, and managed 18 sales representatives and was in the top 10 of the nation’s agencies for production in Canada. Cheryl was frequently asked to be a keynote speaker at the Regional and National Conferences covering such topics as “Creating a Positive Work Environment,” “Attaining Goals,” and “Getting the Most Out of Your People."

Her business background and understanding of what it takes to keep a team motivated, happy, and productive, along with her skill in coaching diverse groups of people, are all key components to making your pickleball corporate event a big success---for your group and your business.  Cheryl’s proven techniques and strategies, added to your own, can unleash the potential of your team, helping bring your goals to reality. 

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Paddletek Demonstration Paddles


Swiftnet Portable Nets


Pickleball Balls


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