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Do you have a question about the camps, Cheryl's services, products and lessons? On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions about CY Pickleball. If you still can't find what you are looking for simply send Cheryl an email. She is happy to assist you.

Are the Paddletek paddles that Cheryl sells at the camps the same price as I can buy them elsewhere?

Yes. Paddletek sets the manufacturer's retail price for everyone to abide by.


Does the warranty for the Paddletek paddles  vary from dealer to dealer?

No. The lifetime warranty that goes with the paddle is registered with and does not depend on where or from whom you bought the paddle.


What is the camp cancellation policy?

Written notification of cancellation 3 days (72 hours)  or more in advance of your camp's start date and time  will result in a full refund of your registration fee.
Refund by e-transfer may take a few days to complete.


What is the cancellation policy with less than 3 days of written notification?

You have three choices if this is the case;
1)  You can choose  to substitute another player of equal or better ability into your  camp date and advise Cheryl of that change. Instructions/ directions to the camp are the responsibility of the cancelling player to provide to the replacement player.
2) If Cheryl has a waitlist, she may be able to fill your spot for you and refund your money, but this is not a guarantee.

3) If one day prior to a later camp date there is a spot available, Cheryl will reach out and ask you if you want it.

If none of these things happen, you will forfeit your fee.


What if I sign up and the camp is full?

This is unlikely but could happen if two players are trying to register for the last available spot. In this unusual case, Cheryl will place the second player on a waitlist or see if a different date might suit them. if that does not work, Cheryl willl refund the registration fee within 48 hours.


Do I have to notify Cheryl if something comes up and I just am not going to be able to game it?

Yes. Cheryl draws up her practice plans depending on how many players are registered. If you simply don’t show up, this makes things very hard for her. Please have the courtesy to let her know you are not planning on attending.


Is Cheryl available after the camp for any questions?

Yes. Email her and ask away. She wants you to be comfortable reaching out with any questions anytime.


I have no previous racket experience, will I fit in?

Yes! Fear not!

Cheryl knows how to make everyone feel at ease and has a second coach with her at all times to help guide players who are learning at a slightly slower pace to help them feel comfortable. Pickleball isa really easy sport to learn. She has taught over 600 hundred new players the game.


Is it better for me to take series of lessons or a one day camp to learn how to play?

Cheryl prides herself in getting every single player who attends a 3 hour (one day) Learn to Play camp from knowing nothing, to being able to go and play a proper game with proper scoring, movement and strategy. After the camp, you will be able to go out and join any community group or rec center with confidence that you know what you are doing.

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