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Whether you’re new to pickleball or looking to perfect your strategy, you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s take your game to the next level!

About Me

About Cheryl

As a 4.2 player, a sponsored Paddletek athlete, B.C.'s Swiftnet Ambassador, and one of the top ranked female players in Whistler, B.C., Cheryl wants to share her personal passion for pickleball with you. With an outstanding background as a volleyball coach for over a decade, Cheryl has now turned her attention to pickleball. Cheryl is the Hollyburn Country Club's Head Pro and she also coaches out of the Whistler Racket Club. Outside of the Clubs, she is available throughout the North Shore and Sea-to-Sky corridor for private, semi-private and group lessons.  In addition, Cheryl sells paddles and Ryder protective eyewear. She has Paddletek demonstration paddles and Ryder glasses to try and she has them with her for purchase at all times. 

Cheryl's coaching style is centred on gaining a competitive edge through specific play and skill analysis, while encouraging a fun and supportive atmosphere. She implements drills specific to her clients' goals, ensuring that players walk away with tactics they can use in everyday game play. 


Coaching Experience


  • Hollyburn Country Club Head Pro: September 2022 - present

  • Hollyburn Country Club private and group Pickleball coach: March 2022 - September 2022

  • Whistler Secondary School senior girls volleyball head coach: 2022

  • Whistler Racket Club private and group Pickleball coach: February 2022 - present

  • National Coaching Certification Program for Pickleball: completed December 2021 

  • Whistler Racket Club Volleyball Skill Development Camp head coach: 2021 - present

  • Whistler Secondary School junior girls volleyball head coach: 2021

  • West Vancouver Secondary School juvenile/bantam/junior volleyball head coach: 2008 - 2016

  • Irwin Park Elementary School grade 7 girls volleyball head coach: 2010 - 2019

  • BCO Volleyball Club U13 head coach, U14 assistant coach: 2014 - 2015

  • West Vancouver Youth Volleyball Development coach: 2011 - 2018

  • NCCP Certified Development Volleyball Coach: completed March 2015


“I heard that Cheryl was the most requested coach in Whistler. For Mother’s Day I asked my husband to give me a 2 hour lesson  together with our two teenage sons. Quality family time. They had never played before. I was amazed at how fast Cheryl was able to have them playing real games, not just banger ball! By the end we were serving deep and returning deep, getting to net and attempting a soft game. Her drills were progressive which made the whole learning process feel successful, step by step. She even had the boys scoring properly! We all had a great time and I now can understand why she is taking Whistler pickleball coaching by storm. If she has availability, book her! You will not be disappointed. "

Carin Smolinski, Pemberton, B.C



What is your level and what can Cheryl do for you?

Level 1

Beginners, learning to play

You will learn everything from the grip, serve, return of serve and net play to court movement. Fun games & drills will teach you how to score, and you will walk away ready to step on to any pickleball court playing games with confidence.

Level 2

Intermediate, 3.0 - 3.5 Level players

Cheryl will help you stop making the same mistakes over and over and help improve your game. She will teach you to move away from the banger ball game and implement more strategy and finesse to your play. She will teach strategy, positioning on the court and shot making.

Level 3

Strong 3.5 -4.0 Level players

Cheryl will develop your skills with drills and put them to the test during game play with instant feed back and analysis. She will work on 3rd shot drops, reset shots, fast hands at the net and aggressive play. You will improve team communication and consistency in shot making. Tournament preparation or high level drilling with the 4.0 players is also something Cheryl can do.

Cheryl will plan a group lesson for up to 8 people to work on the wish list of the group. She can divide the time that has been booked to include both drills and game play strategy. She can deconstruct the game points one by one with hands-on demonstration, and then teach the players to replace costly mistakes with better shot choices.

Larger Groups

all levels welcome

Lesson Choices & Pricing


Private or Semi-Private Lessons

One to two players working with Cheryl.

Cheryl recommends a one hour lesson with one person and a 1 1/2 hour lesson with two people. Paddletek demonstration paddles available to try and new paddles available to purchase on site.

1 person $ 80 / hour | 2 people $40 each / hour

Prices exclude the cost for court rental. Contact Cheryl directly for pricing at the Whistler Racket Club or Hollyburn Country Club.



Three to four players working with Cheryl. Cheryl recommends a 2 hour lesson with four players (Four players maximizes what she can help you with in game play) and a

1 1/2 hour lesson for three players. Paddletek demonstration paddles available to try and new paddles available to purchase on site.

3 persons $ 30 each / hour | 4 persons $25 each / hour

Prices exclude the cost for court rental. Contact Cheryl directly for pricing at the Whistler Racket Club or Hollyburn Country Club.

Cheryl teaches in Whistler, Pemberton, Squamish & Vancouver

Image by Ben Hershey

Corporate Events and Team Building Sessions

 Prior to retiring at age 40, Cheryl ran a highly successful RESP sales and marketing agency.  She hired, trained, and managed 18 sales representatives and was in the top 10 of the nation’s agencies for production in Canada. Cheryl was frequently asked to be a keynote speaker at the Regional and National Conferences covering such topics as “Creating a Positive Work Environment,” “Attaining Goals,” and “Getting the Most Out of Your People."

Her business background and understanding of what it takes to keep a team motivated, happy, and productive, along with her skill in coaching diverse groups of people, are all key components to making your pickleball corporate event a big success---for your group and your business.  Cheryl’s proven techniques and strategies, added to your own, can unleash the potential of your team, helping bring your goals to reality.  

Pricing for these events vary so please contact Cheryl for a quote.


Cheryl's Shop




Paddletek Paddles

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Protective Eyewear


Get in Touch

Certified Pickleball Coach | Sponsored Paddletek Athlete

Head Pro Hollyburn Country Club

Paddletek Paddle and Ryder Protective Eyewear Sales

Cheryl Young

Email (preferred)

Text  604-328-7214

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any inquiries or help that I can provide! I look forward to hearing from you soon and would love the opportunity to help you build your pickleball skill set or help you choose the perfect paddle.

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