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The Importance of Eye Protection in Pickleball

When I am out on the pickleball courts I witness players being hit by the ball every day. This happens at times in error and at the times as a strategic shot made on purpose. While playing outdoors, the players wear sunglasses and as a result have eye safety. However, when the weather has them playing indoors, I see that very few players are wearing eye protection and this concerns me. Permanent or partial loss of vision, torn retinas, bleeding in the eye, cuts requiring stitches and black eyes are looming if we don’t make wearing the glasses the norm like in squash and racquetball. The most common eye injuries are preventable by wearing clear, shatter proof and anti-fog lenses. I personally wear Ryder seventh glasses and I love how safe I feel in them. They are lightweight and I hardly notice I am wearing anything at all.

Sadly Ryder has been taken over by a US based company and will no longer be available in Canada. I have a small stock of these two types of glasses.

Ryder Protective Eyewear -

$90 for the Fitz rimless pair

$75 for the Seventh pair with black rim

  • Grilamide lightweight grey and black flexible frames,

  • Anti slip nose pads .

  • Permanent Anti fog on the inside of the lens.

  • Polycarbonate shatter resistant clear lenses.

  • 100% UV resistant

  • They are versatile as they can be used for other sports or activities, not just pickleball

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